Hagoort Sails Original Dutch Quality

At Hagoort Sails, the client wishes are always treated with the highest level of service. This setting obliges Hagoort Sails not only to deal with the best suppliers, but also to work with good professionals.

You may expect us to have knowledge and experience in all areas of the sailing industry. We see the computer as an advanced tool that supports production. We believe that this is not the most important tool, that is another thing: craftsmanship and that's always human work.

A perfect sail depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is the quality of the design. Years of experience in the competitions helps us to test our designs in practice. The design must match your specific situation and wishes. Another important factor is the choice of material. We only use first-class sailcloth from leading suppliers, such as Contender; Dimension Polyant and Bainbridge. Our employees do anything to help you find the perfect sail for your situation and will advise you as well.

The purpose of the Hagoort Sails production line is to deliver customized sails, so we make all sails on order and have no stock.

The sails of Hagoort Sails are divided into 4 categories.

• Cruising Tourline (Tour Sailors)

• Offshore Performance (Sporty Sailors)

• Race Hightec (Race Sailors)

• One design

If you are interested in our products, please contact one of our employees,  Mail Hagoort Sails


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Onze vestiging in Benthuizen is gesloten vanaf vrijdag 30 juli 15.00 en is weer geopend op maandag 16 augustus om 8.00.

Onze vestiging in Baarn is gesloten vanaf vrijdag 30 juli 15.00 en is weer geopend op maandag 30 augustus om 8.00.

Wij wensen iedereen een mooie zomer met veel zeil plezier!